AIA American Influencer Association™ is the premier trade association for influencers. We provide resources to influencers to create career pathways in the multi-billion dollar industry, through education, activities, services, and events. American Influencers various platforms support the Association initiatives, such as American Influencer Real-Talk Podcast, American Influencer Masterclass, American Influencer Studios, American Influencer Awards, etc. Our Association platform cultivates a community representing the interests of influencers and the communities they serve.


AIA American Influencer Association™ is the leader in identifying, selecting, and awarding contributors on social media recognizing excellence through the American Influencer Awards platform, creating Social Media’s Biggest Night™! Since 2017 through our iconic Awards program, the American Influencer Awards®, AIA continues to amplify the voices of Influencers to consumers and with brands. Our trade association allows Influencers to increase their value proposition by elevating the influencer marketing industry.


Career advancement opportunities are offered through best-in-class education and the AIA Ambassador Group.
The Association is a meeting place for partner companies that support influencer activities and make up a healthy influencer ecosystem where consumers can engage with and cultivate fun engagement with the influencers they love to follow.
AIA’s purpose is to inspire positivity while elevating and authenticating the influencer community.
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"Elevating the influencer
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